Finding the time to change

Are you ready to change? Is it time for you to change?
Individualized programs that help you approach life consciously and creatively,
in alignment with your life purpose, your present situation and the energy available to you right now.

We are living in an epoch of such enormous change and flux that we now require a far more sophisticated understanding of how the turbulent energies are affecting us.

Have you read the article ‘Speed Culture’ in the present edition of Kindred Spirit magazine? I was interviewed by Clíona O’Conaill and was one of the contributors to her article.

I have made a prolonged study of time and how it is allied to the different levels within our psyche. Based on decades of personal experience and intense research, I have mapped how our relationship with time and space is tied to consciousness, culture and intent.

Our experience of time (and space) is becoming more complex; many of us can feel ‘the shortage of time’. The memes of ‘time is money’, ‘24-7’, ‘on the hour every hour’, ‘the clock is ticking’, ‘winners keep up’, ‘breaking news’, ‘the city that never sleeps’ and ‘the bright lights of the city’ are all product of but one level of our psychological, cultural and evolutionary development. That level of development is tied into the physiology of adrenalin and is now in crisis, as we as a species are attempting to shift to the next stage of culture.

My lifetime thesis, known as the Enchantments of Life, is a map of the evolution of consciousness that enables us to differentiate the various ways we engage with time and space.

I offer one-to-one individualized programmes on Skype—and in person here in Hong Kong—that enable you to tune into, follow and navigate your different rhythms (time and space frequencies). Becoming actively aware of the connection between the time frequencies of the different levels of your psyche with the world around you will encourage a creative approach to your life. Utilizing astrology, shamanism, psychology and the Enchantments of Life, the Life Change Facilitation process will enable you to consciously connect to who you are and how you operate, as well as the timings and opportunities for change.

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Claim Your Power: Own Your Time and Space

A Series of Six Workshops:
Module One of the new Enchanting Your Life transformational programme


Laurence James Lucas

Dates to be announced; Lamma Island, Hong Kong

I am delighted to be offering my new transformational programme, the Enchantments of Life, which is based on a synthesis of my life's work.

Module One, Claim Your Power: Own Your Time and Space, is a series of six full workshop days. This was successfully introduced this Spring in the UK and, due to personal requests, is now available in Hong Kong for the first time (see Testimonials page).

If you have a sense of the great drama of evolution occurring right now, this course will give you deeper access to the momentous epoch we are living in and will provide you with invaluable tools for life.

You have power.

You have sovereign power.

I am not talking about the power to smite or impress, but the power that allows you to be ‘you’ and to enjoy your life. The power to live your essential character and truth. The power to flow, rather than the power of staying in control.  The power to connect, regenerate and grow—in essence, the power to be happy with your life, regardless of the inevitable discordance that arises from change and the paradoxical construct of the human psyche.

All power in all situations is ultimately drawn from outside the individual; our task is to be conscious conduits. Fundamental to this, and to all experience, is the quality of time and space. Time and space is the context for all consciousness, all experience, all action. The challenge and opportunity of the new post-2012 era is to own our time and space.

This six-part experiential course will teach you how to develop your own unique practice of self-empowerment by understanding and mapping time, defining space and utilizing your life energy accordingly. The approach we take in this course is playful, creative and expressive, yet respectful of the appropriate structures within which we have our existence.

The work being presented is based on the integration of consciousness. The process of integrating the different aspects of self is the journey of the evolution of consciousness, a weaving of the body of light. The Lightbody, in simple terms, is the energy form of integrated consciousness that, amongst other things, furthers the continuum of consciousness beyond this lifetime. The activated Lightbody is an expression of the holographic nature of existence—as will be explained, evolution itself is holographic.

We each have our existence within a tapestry of frequencies. This course will help you weave your tapestry consciously. This integration happens by degrees, by stages; the prerequisite is creating a habitual practice of awareness that fits into your life as it already is.

Threads We Will be Weaving Together during the Course

  • An introduction to the Enchantments of Life, the evolutionary map that integrates psychology, astrology, sociology and consciousness, and what it means to you in your life

  • Shamanism and the evocation of spiritual allies

  • Mayan astrology

  • The Enchantment Principle, which is allied to understanding the energy field, time and space, energy centres in the subtle body and frequency realms

  • The actuality of what happened and what is unfolding with the Mayan Calendar change of 2012

  • The emergence of planetary consciousness

  • The importance of how we measure time through calendars and the clock

  • The relevance of the natural creative cycles: the moon cycle, the Celtic Wheel of the Year, the Medicine Wheel and the daily rhythm

  • Experiencing and connecting through ceremony and energy practice; learning to listen to your own energy.

We will explore and stimulate your creativity, self-expression, sovereignty, self-empowerment, self-healing, guidance and purpose. This course is designed for people who are really ready to engage with themselves and have the desire and are willing to actively participate.

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